Cacao Nibs - 100% Organic Raw Cacao | 8 oz
Cacao Nibs - 100% Organic Raw Cacao | 8 oz
Cacao Nibs - 100% Organic Raw Cacao | 8 oz
Cacao Nibs - 100% Organic Raw Cacao | 8 oz
Cacao Nibs - 100% Organic Raw Cacao | 8 oz

Cacao Nibs - 100% Organic Raw Cacao | 8 oz

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What Are Cacao Nibs
Cacao nibs are the part of the cacao bean that is left after the roasting process and extraction of cacao butter. It is the essence of chocolate in its purest form. Cacao nibs can be eaten plain to enjoy a slightly bitter nutty flavor or added to foods and recipes. There are some surprising health benefits to eating cacao nibs. They are packed with iron and fiber, stabilize blood sugar, reduce blood pressure and regulate blood glucose levels. A superfood, they are also rich in magnesium and high in protein.
Make your own Vegan chocolate, Gluten-Free chocolate, low sugar chocolates

Cacao Nibs + Cacao Butter +  Sugar Powder = Dark Homemade Chocolate. Not only is making chocolate fun, it is also a great way to control what you are actually eating. When you do it yourself, you know exactly what went into your chocolate bars. And, also importantly what didn’t make it in. Find awesome homemade chocolate recipes


Not just for chocolate
Though without nibs, there would be no chocolate, it’s time to consider other uses for this superfood. Add them to your favorite trail mix to take advantage of this filling superfood. Treat them like unprocessed chocolate chips and use them as a healthy replacement for the chocolate versions. Mix them into your favorite muffin mix, pancakes, brownies or other baked goods. Grind them up and throw them in the blender when making a smoothie for a high fiber boost.

Having trouble finding a chocolate substitute that tastes great and promotes a healthy lifestyle? Our Cacao Nibs are derived from Criollo, the least bitter breed of cacao, and are coated in low glycemic index Yacon Syrup, making them the best tasting cacao Nibs on the market!

Unlike most chocolate products, cacao nibs are naturally low on sugar and high in antioxidants. Swapping regular chocolate for our flavonoid rich Cacao Nibs can boost immune health and increase cognitive function.

Add to fruit salads, yogurt, smoothies, desert recipes, trail mixes or create your own chocolaty treats! Great for a healthy chocolate fix on-the-go to curb that sweet tooth!

Why our cacao is different:

  • All of our cacao beans are 100% USDA Certified Organic
  • We handpick all of our cacao beans to ensure only the highest quality beans make it to become organic cacao nibs.
  • Out of the entire world’s production of cacao, only 5% can be considered premium fine aroma.
  • The best chocolatiers seek out this rare Arriba cacao from the rainforest of Ecuador.
  • Criollo Cacao Pods