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How chocolate is made | From Cacao Beans to Chocolate

Everybody loves a rich, deep and satisfying bar of chocolate, but not everybody knows exactly what it takes to make it. The journey from cacao bean to chocolate bar is complex. It’s an art and a science to grow and then process cacao pods into the world’s finest chocolate. In this article we will take you through, step by step, the process of how the ...

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Cacao Powder Raw

11 Cacao powder benefits you didn’t know

What would you rather do? Take an aspirin a day or eat cacao powder? The Department of Nutrition at University of California recently discovered that eating raw cacao powder once a day has the same effect as taking an aspirin. Just like aspirin, cacao thins the blood and can prevent blood clots. That’s not all that cacao can do for your health. Haile ...

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Vegan Homemade Chocolate Recipe | Healthy chocolate Bars

There is something very satisfying about making your own homemade chocolate . Not only can it be better than most store bought chocolate in terms of flavor, but you are also in control of using the finest ingredients. This recipe for vegan chocolate bars is a great way to have some fun making a product we all take for granted. Using raw cacao products ...

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